Gala Cricri is the bar/dancefloor at Palácio do Grilo. From 8pm to midnight we have a special tapas menu and we accept reservations if you want a informal “drink and foods”. 

From 10pm it's the night of the djs and you can enjoy our immersive dancefloor until 4am.



Jantares de Gala – 30.01- 20h

dinner and music experience


Welcome to the first “Jantares de Gala” at Gala Cricri, a gastronomic and artistic experience in the halls of Palacio do Grilo.

presents: CASEIRA
This Caseira experience, by Mike Stellar and Zorana will take you on a journey starting with a curated African influenced menu including an acoustic live concert by African musician Braima Galissa, and party after dinner with a 4 hour DJ set by Mike Stellar. Capacity limited to 26 seats, for dinner experience. Pre-sale only, reservations until March 29th at noon